Latisse® is a prescription topical lotion that helps to improve thinning eyelashes, helping them to grow longer, darker, and fuller.

Shortening and thinning of eyelashes is linked to aging.  If you are experiencing thinning lashes, Latisse may be able to help.  Latisse is thought to work by increasing the number of hairs in the growth cycle, which increases the fullness of your eyelashes, and by lengthening the growing cycle, allowing lashes to become longer.  These changes are not permanent, and you must continue to use Latisse to maintain your new lashes.

Latisse is usually applied nightly along the upper eyelashes.  If improperly applied, it can rarely cause hair growth in areas where it contacts the skin.  The most common side effects reported are typically irritation, itching, and redness.  These are usually transient, but may require stopping Latisse if they persist.

Because Latisse is a prescription medicine, it does require a consultation visit with a doctor to determine whether Latisse may be right for you.  At the McDaniel Laser & Cosmetic Center, we can provide you with your prescription on-site, or send your prescription (or refills) to your pharmacy—whichever is more convenient for you.


Is Latisse safe for my eyes?

Latisse is an ophthalmic solution that should not harm your eyes.  However, you should avoid getting the liquid directly into your eyes. This may cause undesired changes in eye color that could be permanent.  Latisse is the eyelash form of a drug originally used to treat increased eye pressure (glaucoma).  When used at that strength for glaucoma and placed directly in the eye, some people experienced irreversible color change from blue to brown eyes.

Can I wear contacts with Latisse?

You should remove your contacts before using Latisse, but you can put your contacts back in 15 minutes after using Latisse.  Do not get Latisse directly on your contacts.

Can I use mascara while using Latisse?

Certainly!  Many people choose to continue using mascara to enhance the appearance of their lashes.  Make sure to remove your mascara prior to applying Latisse.

How long until I see results?

Many people start seeing results after about 4 weeks, but optimal results typically take about 16 weeks, at which time maximal improvement is achieved.

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