Belotero Balance®

Belotero Balance® Dermal Filler is made of a substance called hyaluronic acid (or HA), which is a natural component of skin.  As we age, the skin loses its youthful appearance as the production of natural support structures diminish.  Over time, those structures such as hyaluronic acid, commonly called HA, begin to disappear, resulting in lines and wrinkles.  With Belotero Balance, you can replace HA lost during the natural aging process.  Belotero Balance Dermal Filler has unique properties that allow for it to adapt within the skin for soft results, making it an ideal dermal filler to plump wrinkles and folds.  Once injected, it instantly smooths the lines and wrinkles in your face.

Belotero Balance Dermal Filler is injected into the skin in a simple, quick procedure that can even be done using a fine gauge needle over your lunch hour.  Belotero Balance Dermal Filler was FDA approved in September 2011 for the correction of moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as nasolabial folds, and has undergone testing in a clinical trial to prove its safety.  It was first launched in Germany in 2005 and has been used extensively throughout Europe.

Belotero Balance is slightly different from other available HA-based fillers and can be injected using a finer gauge (smaller) needle.  Belotero Balance is also less likely to cause the bluish tinge under the skin that occurs with some other fillers.  Belotero Balance is an excellent filler for fine lines that were not readily treated with other, thicker HA-based fillers.

How long does it last?

Individual results may vary, but Belotero Balance Dermal Filler typically lasts for 6-8 months or more.

Does it hurt?

As with all injections with a needle, there can be pain associated with the procedure.  We can discuss ways to manage any discomfort during the procedure.

Are there any side effects?

Just like any injection, you may experience mild irritation, swelling, itching, redness, bruising or tenderness at the injection site.  These typically resolve on their own.  If any of these side effects persist, please contact us immediately.

How long is the recovery time, and when can I expect results?

Immediately upon injection, Belotero Balance Dermal Filler plumps the skin and smooths away lines and wrinkles.  There is little to no down-time associated with a Belotero Balance Dermal Filler procedure.  In fact, most patients return to their normal, daily activities right after their visit.  Every patient is unique, so be sure to discuss your plans during your consultation.

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