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Tanning Bed Safety

Now that fall is here and suntans are fading, many people resort to tanning beds to maintain that golden glow of summer.  So, just a friendly reminder that the golden glow turns into wrinkles, unsightly age spots, and sometimes skin cancer!

Estimates are that 10 minutes in a tanning bed (for fairer skin) have about the same cancer-causing effects as 10 minutes in the midsummer Mediterranean sun (and I might add without enjoying the beautiful scenery and water).

Studies show that indoor tanners are about 75% more likely to develop melanoma–the deadliest form of skin cancer–than those who didn’t use tanning beds.  They are also 2.5 times more likely to develop basal cell carcinoma-not to mention the increased probability of wrinkles and saggy, leathery skin. So be safe and please avoid using tanning beds!

If you are determined to keep that summer glow, self-tanning lotions are now available in many forms and spray tan is an option (FYI, I suggest not inhaling spray tan mist!).

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