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Juvéderm® for Earlobes

Earlobes become stretched and thinner with time (and with the large heavy earrings popular in recent years) and lose some volume as well.  Using Juvéderm Ultra or Ultra Plus the earlobes can be tightened and plumped up a bit to resemble younger looking ears.

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Juvéderm® for Perioral Area

Smile lines (nasolabial folds) and Marionette lines appear commonly as we age. These are the lines that run downwards from the corner of the mouth. They can make you appear to be frowning and can make you appear sad, tired or unhappy even when you are not! As we age, these lines can become deeper and sagging skin from loss of mid-face cheek fat can produce an overhang of sagging cheek skin that may make them appear even deeper. Here, … Continue Reading

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