Our Research Staff

David H. McDaniel, MD – Director.

Please see Dr. McDaniel’s full bio.

 Chris Mazur, AZ, AA, BS- Research Manager

In over 15 years at the McDaniel Laser and Cosmetic Center, Chris has been involved in every aspect of clinical as well as laboratory research. Over that time Chris has amassed experience in: digital clinical photography, clinical image capture/analysis, 3D clinical imaging, protocol design/development, and project management over more than 40+ completed trials at the center. Many of the completed trials were designed from the ground up at the center. He has also co-authored book chapters, scientific journal articles, written grants, aided in patent development/filings, and prepared lectures/presentations for national/international professional societies and corporate meetings (presenting both research projects and original content).

Chris also has extensive experience in a clinical lab setting, specifically in the areas of: RT-PCR, microarray technologies and analysis, PCR primer design, confocal microscopy (3-D models), immunofluorescence, digital micrograph acquisition/analysis, human skin cell culture, and other lab tests (cell toxicity, ELISA, cellular assays, etc.) often done in advance of, or support of, the clinical trials done onsite.

Chris also completed a culinary arts degree and uses it to add insight into the practical application of prepared food, nutrient content and lifestyle changes to skin aging, nutrition, and longevity.

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