Vanquish™ uses radio frequency (RF) energy selectively focused into the fat layers below your skin. This treatment heats your fat to a warmer temperature than your skin.  The fat cells die and are reabsorbed by the body.

What’s so new about this?  In a major technological advance, the Vanquish device treats large “panoramic” areas of core body areas (see photo). Vanquish can treat an entire core area in about 30 minutes with no anesthesia required. Circumferential reduction in body contour is also possible.

This technology differs from another effective therapy (cryotherapy and cryolipolysis) because it uses radiofrequency technology rather than cold.  The RF energy is targeted to the fat beneath the skin.  Unlike with cryotherapy and cryolipolysis, there is no frozen fat after treatment, and the device never physically touches your skin!  A series of four to six weekly treatments are usually recommended for optimal results, and results may begin to show in as little as just a few weeks.


The Vanquish device is intended for use in deep tissue heating.  The use of Vanquish for fat reduction is an FDA off-label use at this time.

We are one of the first three centers in the USA to offer Vanquish, and our practice is actively involved in consulting, research, and teaching this therapy.

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How do I know if I’m a good candidate?

While Vanquish can be safely performed on most people, there are some restrictions such as if you have metal implants (including metal hip replacements, surgical staples, or surgical screws) near the area of treatment, a pacemaker, or are pregnant (or might be pregnant) you should not have Vanquish.  You must also be a good candidate for achieving a positive result.  The best way is to determine whether Vanquish will work for you is to come in and see us for a consultation so that we can evaluate your needs!

Does it hurt?  What does it feel like?

Most patients report that it feels like a warming sensation or a heating pad.  It can get warm and you may sweat a bit, but it is typically painful at all.

What are the most common side effects?

Immediately after treatment, your skin will be warmer than usual and may be pink.  The surface temperature of your skin will have been heated to above its normal temperature.  The temperature of the skin should return to normal soon after treatment.  While uncommon, it is possible to have small tender red areas and, in some cases, a burn or blister can occur.

How should I prepare for treatment?

We advise patients to dress in lightweight, comfortable clothing or layers during colder weather.  Because your body temperature will increase during this treatment, you may be more comfortable in a short sleeved or sleeveless top.  We also advise patients to hydrate the day before treatment and the day of treatment.

What do I need to do after my treatment?

You are free to resume your normal activities after treatment, but it is advisable that you drink some extra water.

When will I see results?

Patients may begin to see results within a few weeks after their first treatment, but this varies some from person to person.

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