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Juvéderm® for Frown Lines

The area between the eyebrows may develop vertical wrinkles or even deep creases (called glabellar frown lines or also referred to as ‘11s’). These are quite common and begin as lines of facial expression that appear when frowning or squinting (blue eyed people may have more light sensitive retinas and squint more as do some people who view computer screens all day). As time passes the repeated motion of these expressions causes the dynamic lines of motion to begin to etch into the skin surface lines which appear at rest 24/7. As more time passes some people develop very deep furrows with this crease in the middle as the muscles bulge upwards from all the ‘workout’ they are getting.

Neuromodulators such as Botox®, Xeomin®, and Dysport® relax the muscles so you cannot make the expression and thus the dynamic lines of motion do not appear. The etched in lines and the folds and furrows however that appear at rest without expression respond better to fillers as illustrated in this photo which were treated with only Juvéderm Ultra. For many people a combination of filler and neuromodulator may provide the best and longest-lasting improvement.

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