Media Coverage

Dr. McDaniel is often featured as an expert in local and national media.  Some recent appearances are listed below:


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  1. WVEC-13: Filler Juvéderm Voluma promises a fuller face – instantly, February 2014
  2. WVEC-13: Treatment uses your own cells to restore youth (Part 1 of 2) and Planting ‘seeds’ to reduce wrinkles (Part 2 of 2), February 2012
  3. WVEC-13: Skin Treatment featured on Dr. Oz being used in Hampton Roads, October 2011
  4. WVEC-13: Procedure promises facelift results without surgery, June 2011
  5. WVEC-13: Home Lasers Latest Weapon in War on Aging, May 2011
  6. WVEC-13: Lose Inches by Freezing Your Fat, February 2011
  7. WVEC-13: Coffeeberry Helps Fight Premature Skin Aging, November 2010
  8. WAVY-10 Freezing Away Your Fat Non-surgically, July 2010
  9. WAVY-10: New Product Promises Longer Lashes: Latisse™, May 2009


  1. WHRV-89.5 FM Public Radio: Real Fountain of Youth? – Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Techniques, January 2011

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