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Coolsculpting® by Zeltiq™

Monthly Archives: September 2012

Coolsculpting® by Zeltiq™

You may have noticed that this week and next, we’re having Open House sessions about Coolsculpting®.  Coolsculpting has been featured in the national news (the Today Show, Good Morning America, the CBS Early Show, the Dr. Oz show, the Rachel Ray show, Extra, Nightline, and more) and in fashion and beauty magazines ranging from O to Elle, Marie Claire to Allure.  Maybe this has piqued your curiosity!  Coolsculpting is a relatively new procedure that offers a non-surgical way to deal … Continue Reading

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Too Much Summer Sun!

“I kind of overdid it this summer.”  “I didn’t mean to get such a bad sunburn.”  “But I was wearing sunscreen!”  “It was cloudy!”  I hear these comments from my patients frequently, and they often want to know what they can do to minimize sun damage after a little too much fun-in-the-sun.  In these last few days of summer, we are often tempted to cram in a little extra R&R, a little more sunshine, before the back-to-school season signals the … Continue Reading

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