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5 Continents Congress

Monthly Archives: September 2011

5 Continents Congress

Greetings from the 5 Continent Congress on cosmetic and laser surgery.  This meeting was held in Cannes this year, where I had the pleasure of seeing a lot of old friends as well as many new luminary cosmetic surgeons.  Exchanging the European viewpoint on cosmetics with American ideas is a great way for us to all benefit.  I have some new ideas and tips and can’t wait to share them with our staff and our patients.  Since Europe is “ahead” … Continue Reading

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Tanning Bed Safety

Now that fall is here and suntans are fading, many people resort to tanning beds to maintain that golden glow of summer.  So, just a friendly reminder that the golden glow turns into wrinkles, unsightly age spots, and sometimes skin cancer! Estimates are that 10 minutes in a tanning bed (for fairer skin) have about the same cancer-causing effects as 10 minutes in the midsummer Mediterranean sun (and I might add without enjoying the beautiful scenery and water). Studies show … Continue Reading

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Sunscreens & FDA news

Recently, the FDA issued long-awaited new sunscreen labeling rules. For the first time, the label terms which had no official or scientific basis (such as “waterproof” or “sweatproof” or “sunblock”) will be replaced by meaningful terms supported by valid testing and clear rules.  The rules take effect in June 2012. What does this mean to you? Well, beginning in June, if you see the words “Broad Spectrum”, you can be confident that you have both UVB (burning ray) and UVA (aging ray) protection–which … Continue Reading

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Vitamin D & Sunlight

Does keeping your skin covered with a high SPF or with clothing (or if you have darkly pigmented skin of color) prevent receiving “enough” light to produce the Vitamin D your body needs? That is a common question I receive these days and there is a lot of misinformation about this subject.  While there is debate about what is the optimal level of Vitamin D (recall that some guidelines recommend levels to prevent disease rather than levels needed to produce … Continue Reading

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